Bluebird Value Pack

Bluebird – 2 Pack


The Bluebird Value Pack Includes two delicious flavors from this amazing brand! Each flavor comes in a 30ML bottle for a total of 60ML of Bluebird! See Additional Info Below


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Product Description

This BlueBird Value Pack includes:

Bluebird – Introducing the original flavor; Bluebird. Fly into the thickest yet most delectable blueberry cheesecake clouds possible. Don’t forget the most noteworthy sweet crunch surrounding it. Have the best trip possible with this smooth ejuice!

Redbird – Creamy and soft cheesecake overflowing with strawberry topping while being enveloped ever so delicately with frosted cereal crust. It’s just as good as its predecessor and as yummy as it reads!

Between the taste of these two flavors, you might not be able to pick which one you enjoy most of all. Thank goodness you can have both!


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