Traditional Juice

Born in the OC of Southern California, Traditional Juice is based on the values that its named after: Family and Tradition. Traditional is a family owned company made up of the founder Conor, his parents, and sister. After only vaping for 3 years, Conor decided to create flavors for friends and family. After receiving great amounts of feedback regarding his creations, Conor furthered his future in the vape industry by beginning his own line. Always putting quality over quantity, he developed three of his own signature flavors within seven months of research, testing, and development. Traditional Juice was born.

Traditional Juice remains focused on the same family values that helped build their brand, treating their customers like true family. Once you’ve tried the tangy depths of “Lola” or the vanilla milkshake lying inside of “White Tiger”, you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

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