Tally Ho Vapor Tonic

Tally Ho Vapor Tonic started just outside New York City in suburban New Jersey in early 2014. Their mission was to find the most unique and appealing all-day-vapes imaginable!  By employing strict methods of refinement, they were able to discover amazing flavor blends.

Although their impressive collection only contains three awesome flavors, they were each rigorously and passionately designed. They were tried and tested over the course of months. Therefore, they were held to standards of being the best all-day-vapes possible! Tally Ho Vapor Tonic is out of this world! Choose your mouthgasm! “Wayfarer” is nothing short of a confection sugared Donut dripping with jam! Bestseller “Liturgy” will have your tastebuds dancing with delight and mad about its graham crusted cheesecake goodness! Nothing can be better than the thick, delicious cream clouds these high VG liquids produce. These flavors that are sure to have you praising the vape gods!

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