Naked 100

Launched in 2016 from Long Beach California, Naked100 is taking the world by storm! Manufactured by Schwartz E-Liquids, Naked 100 focuses on bringing a clean and natural ejuice experience above the rest. Indulge on three tropically majestic flavors: Lava Flow, Amazing Mango and Green Blast. All three premium flavors are handcrafted to perfection and simplicity. This trio of deliciousness gives reason to vape if one ever needed a reason before. “Lava Flow” will transport your soul to a sugary tart Straw-Coco-Pineapple island where no one else is allowed. “Amazing Mango” features a perfectly fresh mango peach cream that will be luscious to the last drop. And ” Green Blast” sends you to another dimension with its sweet and subtle Granny Smith Apple honeydew balance leaving just a bit of kiwi zest for boost! Your friends are sure to be jealous with envy!

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