Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is an eclectic collection of vape juices which promises the finest of vapors crafted to perfection. Charlie’s boast undeniable satisfaction to its users. Elegantly smooth blends of savory and sweet flavors, Charlie’s personifies the simple things. Bringing wonderful flavor creations on a regular basis each of which is allegedly inspired from the long lost journal of “Charlie” himself. Born of Costa Mesa, California, Charlie’s Chalk Dust is an eccentric array of vape juices giving undeniable satisfaction to a new of patrons. Since 2014, the mission of Charlie’s Chalk Dust is to provide the world with the finest vapor liquid crafted to perfection. Charlie’s has been recognized for two outstanding awards for their flavors: “Best in the Show” – Slam Berry Vape Summit Houston, TX and “Best Fruit” – Headbangin Boogie at Vape Nights, Ontario, CA. Ultimately, Charlie’s is sure to make you question how you vaped anything else.

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