Bru Juice

New Jersey based Bru Juice was born in 2015 amongst a small group of vapers who believed they could change the ejuice game with some East Coast swag. With 4 signature juices as its starting collection, this brand gives us quality over quantity. Rocking 60mls in every flavor profile, Bru Juice still manages to unleash lots of liquid with their delicious flavor notes. There are no words that can be said for one of our personal office favorite custards Berry Crunch Custard. Not only is it a best seller amongst all ejuices we carry, but it is the left over milk from the cereal of the gods! Even their “Katy Pearry” boasts as being an Instagram proclaimed crowd pleaser among the vape hashtags! Whatever the juice you choose, Bru will leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth!

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