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Southern California based premium e-juice company, Blend Liquids, specializes in smoothie flavors that are delightful in nature and silky in style. Est. in 2015, Blend brings designated attention to detail, nailing the experience of a smoothie with a rich mixture of fruit extracts that compliment the impeccable Greek yogurt lying underneath. “Mango Madness” may drive you wild with dollops of soft strawberry mango cream. Or perhaps “Strappleberry” is the sweet trifecta of apple-banana-strawberry goodness you haven’t been able to find anywhere! Yogurt flavors so spot on you’ll wish they were available at your local supermarket! It takes a special person to realize the potential in a smoothie vape. They aren’t your average run of the mill flavors. And most certainly, they are not juices you see out the blue every day. Blend Liquids has done something amazing by taking a different concept and making their own spin of it. That’s what innovation and creation is all about.Cheers to Smoothies!

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