In 2015, AML was created in Southern California by the world-renowned mixologist Phillip Rocke himself! ┬áIn ANML, he brings a line of premium A-grade liquid that was delicately hand-crafted with precision. Along with this dedication comes a strong attention to detail. ANML promises to be nothing but an above average experience for vapers everywhere. Attention is given to the branding of the bottle right down to the last drop of ejuice. Each batch is made intimately and on a small scale in Phillip Rocke’s ISO 6 Lab. Therefore, accountability is held to its biggest extent.

Known for the amazing creations of Gemini Vapors & Phillip Rocke’s Grand Reserve, this line has a reputation to uphold. And it does so. Completely and almost gracefully. Try fan favorite “Looper”(Phillips version a soft & fruity cereal milk) in the original collection. Or go for dramatics with his new Unleashed Collection featuring new favorite “Reaver” (an indulgent tropical smoothie). Between both old and new, the ANML in you will thank you regardless.

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